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Project management apps have become a very crucial advertising tool for businesses. Over the years, there has been a dramatic upsurge in the usage of smart phones. This rise in mobile phone usage means these project management apps have become a key marketing tool for companies of all sizes including small enterprises.

These project management apps increase engagement with clients and team members. They boost report visits and permit a wide variety of on-line transactions, including the deployment of loyalty cards, push promotions and E-Commerce transactions. Additionally, these apps accelerate contact with your company which enhances relationships with customers in a world wherein fast response is prized by buyers.

1. Slack

Slack is a messaging app for teams. Additionally, it is a powerful collaboration tool. Its slogan, “Be less busy”, really says it all. The most basic definition of Slack says that it is a messaging system designed for work teams; however, calling it a messaging system is vastly simplifying what slack can do for your team and how you work. The app truly acts as a collaboration tool that interacts with other apps and programs your team uses to keep discussions and documents organized at one convenient place. Slack is a must tool for an entrepreneur who wants to progress at all times.

2. Zoho Projects

Zoho offers a wide range of business software including projects planning. Zoho also provides Gantt charts by which you can visualize the progress of your tasks in comparison to what was planned. The other features of Zoho includes timesheet, reporting tools, collaboration software, document management, Google Apps, Bug tracker, project chat and project pages.

3. ToDo

The name of this app speaks quite a lot for itself; ToDo is the ultimate app for creating and sticking to your ‘to do’ list. It is a must-have app for the entrepreneur who desires to stay organized and on top of his business.

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4. Trello

Trello is a project management tool which aids as work and life planner. By using trello, users can create boards and invite co-workers to interact and edit files, customize workflows and add and assign tasks. In addition, users can attach files and upload photos, videos and editable checklists.

5. Asana

Asana is an app which is used to improve team collaboration. It concentrates on permitting clients to manage projects and tasks online without the use of email. In each task, clients can add notes, comments, attachments, and tags.

6. Freedcamp

Freedcamp is a project management software which helps you to organize and plan your project effectively. Freedcamp has an organized dashboard to view the entire project at a glance. Freedcamp provides free apps which includes To-Do’s, Discussions, File Storage, Milestones, Calendar, Time, Password Manager and Tasky. Freecamp’s paid apps includes CRM, Issue Tracker, and Invoices.

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7. Wrike

Wrike is an advance application which aids you to work smarter. By making sure you are always staying on track and ensuring that you have the adequate resources to finish on time and on budget, Wrike helps you to set up yours tasks easily. It engages your team and integrate with other business tools like Google Apps, Microsoft Excel, Dropbox etc., By converting emails into tasks with a simple click of a button, emails are made more productive.

8. Podio

Podio is a project management app used to organize your project. It can also be used as a communication tool for any business. Podio allows you to personalise this platform to fit your business needs. By using Podio, one can communicate with his/her team, setup task management, use as a file storage system. Additionally, Podio acts internal intranet. Podio can also be transformed into a CRM system.

9. OmniPlan

OmniPlan is a top notch app for iPhone and iPad users. This is an absolute app for Gantt charts. You start out by creating a simple project outline. Then you may use the app to help you through every step of the project until its completion.

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10. Growth Geeks

Growth Geeks is wherein you will discover all the expertise you need to manage any aspect of marketing you can imagine – online advertising, social media, etc. Thousands of proficient freelancers are available to perform all the marketing tasks you need in order to ensure your business is seen by your target market, all for much less than hiring someone full-time to manage your marketing.

These project management apps most effectively makes the jobs of entrepreneur easy. Additionally, these apps save their time and money. Technology has served too many tools for managing multiple tasks be it in a startup or a big enterprise.

However, to stay ahead in the tech game, you have to pick the one which coordinate your works most efficiently. Based on your work requirement, you can also have custom apps that suit a specific working style.

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