2017 startup goals

One of the reports in 2016 stated that there are more than 19,000 startups in India, however, not all are in active state. Many of them are just on papers since the exit policies are not very clear and these policies are troublesome for the founders. In fact, the year 2016 was one of the balancing years for startups. Many startups clubbed themselves together so as to provide a better service to their customers. Others simply shut down due to several reasons and this balancing also kept the investing scenario proportional. As the growth is increasing in this sector, startups are looking more towards well researched decisions that lead to cost cutting while increasing their value proposition to the customers. Past 18 months in the startup community have been quite determining and they have been sculpting the face of our startup economy.

Increasing competitor rivalry

The battles in the startup community has gone fiercer with the rising competition among the leading players. Ola and Uber have been much in news in the last year. Both of them played dirty games of marketing and blaming each other and fighting for getting more share in the Indian market. Ola got China’s Didi Chuxing onboard as an investor ($28 million) and seemed to rule the market. While on the other side, Uber has received much attention globally and has received a trustable name. Its global name has kept it in the leading position, although by a small margin. However, the rivalry between the two led to frequent cost cuttings which did not go well with the drivers and this led to several strikes thus increasing both the cab aggregator’s tensions.

Similar rivalries were seen between other players in different industries as well. Flipkart and Amazon both tried to kick the other out of the country. Both of them came up with new ideas of one day delivery and other marketing techniques. It’s not yet clear who is going to win the battle, but customers are surely enjoying the battle and trying to reap the benefit.

Rise of environmental startups

Within this battle of startups, customers often neglected the new trends that startups promoted and worked towards. There are startups which have worked extensively in the last year to make our country and society a better place to live. Staring with recycling, the startups have reached upcycling. One of the startups Goli Soda has made quirky products from the waste that is collected from the households. It’s a Chennai based firm which started in 2013 and is growing year by year. Many more companies have ventured into this field and are devising ways to recycle the waste in such a manner that it does not harm the environment and on the side lines, provide jobs to local artisans. In fact, the Indian government also published its new policies for e-waste in 2016 giving opportunity for startups to venture out in this field as well.

Innovation in education sector

Other trends that were popularised were 3D education based platforms and government support to career counselling. These trends changed the way students used to get educated. Now, most of the metro city schools have started providing their students a proper career guidance so that they can select the right career. In fact, startups such as Careerguide.com have vigorously started working in order to reach even the remotest of the regions.

Also, in many manufacturing industries, 3D learning experience is being provided so that trainees can get the experience of their work before actually entering the work place. Virtual factory training has become quite popular in the past one year and many big names have started implementing it with startups such as Simulanis.

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Revolutionary marketing strategies

Now, the time has come when marketing has become much more effective and targeted. Companies are investing in market research and some of the companies such as Craft Driven Market Research are helping startups understand their customers and market. This is essentially important for the customers so as to develop a strong and cost efficient marketing strategy.

Another trend that is visible among the startups is that, they are focusing more on meaningful advertisements rather than meaningless and useless ones. Startups are investing more on video marketing channels and investing in making influential videos. This has provided a good opportunity to creative startups such as Cellar Door, YouTube experts TVF, PopXo etc. This is definitely going to grow a lot more and will enhance the impact in print media as well.

Well, there are many more trends that this year is about to see which will change the startup community all together. It is clear that startups are rising from the fancy of e-commerce and exploring possibilities out of it. Innovation is strongly rising in the country and the day is not far away when the startup community will be a driving force of research and innovation to solve several societal challenges in the country.

Aakanksha Aggarwal

Aakanksha Aggarwal

An entrepreneurial spirit and passionate for studying dynamic nature of markets, Aakanksha Aggarwal is the founder of Craft Driven Research. She writes frequently on education, startups and related issues.
Aakanksha Aggarwal