Artificial Intelligence

A lot has been heard about the startups that are into Artificial Intelligence. Across the globe, investors are putting money into such startups and without any doubt, these startups are coming up with new products and services that is revolutionising the industry.

However, all the buzz around artificial intelligence in India started when Apple acquired a small AI based startup TupleJump which was based in Hyderabad. The company was using Artificial Intelligence in order to improve sales of e-commerce companies. This shifted the whole focus of investors towards AI based startups and a future potential in the technology was realised.

Now, many big companies are looking for AI based startups to acquire them and bring in their expertise within their existing structure. Even though a great hype has been created in this arena, it is to be understood that Artificial Intelligence is not new in the industry. It has been prevalent at least since the last 5 years and many startups as well as bigger companies have already adopted some form of its technology. It has already reached almost all the industries, only that it has started garnering attention in the past few months only.

AI has brought a revolution in the world of automation and can provide several possibilities. If we inspect technology being used by startups and big corporate firms in India, it is evident that a large number of startups have already invested into implementing AI for connecting to the customers in a better way. Machine learning and data analysis have become a topic of great interest among the engineers and are being used to pull greater insights and develop better products. Needless to say, Artificial Intelligence has application in several industries.

Education Industry

It is largely supposed that education industry has remained untouched by AI and it has not been judicially used to help customers. However, there are several startups globally which are using Artificial Intelligence for some time now in this industry and are supporting the students to get better services. One of the recent use that was observed was in a career counselling marketplace platform where a student is instantly connected with a right career counsellor with the help of AI.

Test preparation based startups have been using some form of AI for long when the tests can be adapted as per the student’s level. This is being used to ensure proper learning of a student according to his/her current knowledge of the subject. AI can further be used in globalising education and increasing connectedness of the classrooms. Online tutoring can also be adapted according to the student with the help of AI.

Customer Service

Well, in this competitive world, when large number of startups are competing in the same industry, then customer service is what keeps them apart. Startups have started using AI to improve customer service. Earlier, there were longer queues with customer service representatives and customers had to wait for hours in some companies before their call was actually answered. Even when it was answered, they were seldom transferred from one department to the other. Now, with the help of AI, customers can easily get their queries answered through the chatbots which are designed using AI. Also, the whole process of customer servicing has been made easier with the use of technology. Some of the popular chatbots in Indian market are:, Haptik, Fynd, AISHA,, Gupshup, ixibaba.


Automobile industry has been implementing AI for quite a good time now. Big companies such as Toyota are collaborating with startups in automobile AI and bringing the technology on roads. India has not much progressed on this front from the startup point of view. However, there is a great scope for AI in this industry in India. In Feb 2017, a collaboration of Tata Motors and Microsoft to bring AI into the industry has resulted in great attention of the industry towards enhancing customer experience while looking towards safe driving. AI is being used to create a personalised digital experience for drivers in the country. It is expected that the first vehicle from this collaboration will be launched in 2017 only and this will definitely give rise to greater innovations in this industry with the help of AI.


India has approximately 9.36 lacs doctors according to the database of registered doctors. However, there is still lack of doctors and health services. There are several healthcare problems that people are facing and still there are no solutions for them. This has made several startups to enter into this field and solve the issues with the help of AI and technology in the field. The solutions that have been developed can help doctors in the right diagnosis of the patients in a matter of few seconds.

A few hospitals in Bangalore are already using these systems as a measure of testing these. Artificial Intelligence can be further used in fetching global data in seconds regarding complex diseases and providing the right medication as per the symptoms of the patient. Several experiments are being carried out in different hospitals which are expected to be used for real patients in solving real problems.

AI has in fact entered into almost all industries and startups across the country and are developing applications surrounding it. AI is going to revolutionise technology usage across all the industries and Internet of Things will achieve a new milestone with the success of all these experiments taking place.

Aakanksha Aggarwal

Aakanksha Aggarwal

An entrepreneurial spirit and passionate for studying dynamic nature of markets, Aakanksha Aggarwal is the founder of Craft Driven Research. She writes frequently on education, startups and related issues.
Aakanksha Aggarwal