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For each and every business, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is, “How to raise the number of customers for growth of the business”. Building relationship with a customer is at the priority list of every business. It’s a basic requirement for a business or a brand to gain trust among it’s customers. Having a strong connection with customers is paramount for the continued success of any company. Companies often look for several measures to connect to customers. Some of the companies such as Vodafone, Apple, Airtel have opened their service outlets in large numbers so that their customers can easily connect to them. Others try to interact through telephone services and in-store customer services.

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Connecting with customers is not an easy task, companies often spend a major chunk of their revenue in satisfying their customers through their customer service. In fact, in some of the countries such as Japan, whole reputation of a company depends upon their customer relationship building exercises. Amidst all the queries on how to connect to customers, it has been observed that one of the best methods is to provide customers with an interface where they can talk directly to a person from the company instead of reading an instruction manual or a web page.

Suppose, if you want to buy a mobile phone and go to a digital store. There, you get a number of options which may put you in a situation of confusion about what to choose. At that time, you seek a representative from the store who can help you to know the entire details of a product including customer reviews and price comparisons. At that time, direct interaction with the sales person assures you about the quality of the product and you can take a decision as per your perfect fit.

Direct communication with a customer helps to analyze his needs and approach him towards a beneficial decision. It gives a trustworthy signal to an individual about a brand name and the product itself rather than getting mixed reviews about the same product over the internet and go for online shopping.

How to connect to customers directly:

In today’s digital era, there are numerous options to connect to target clients directly and assure them about your product. Due to rise in various new technologies, communication is no more a big deal. One can easily connect with their clients or customers in various ways. Here we are going to discuss a few of them:

Online chat 

One can easily connect to a company representative through online chat. Just visit the company’s website and an online representative will be there to answer your queries instantly. Check out all the details of the product on the company portal. Next, fill up a short form by simply adding your contact details and queries regarding any of the company’s product. You will get an instant reply directly from the related person or he will call you back within a short span of time.

Toll-free numbers 

Many websites provide toll-free numbers to their customers written on the top of the web page. Just give a call at that number. Follow simple instructions and get connected to a company representative on the other end. Sometimes, if busy, they call you by themselves within 24 hours.

Instant connection through email 

E-mail messaging has also become an important part of businesses. You can mail your queries on the email address written on the web portal. You will get a direct email reply or a call from a company representative or the customer care. He will help you in solving all the business issues in a very effective, fast and safe manner.

Brands and their B2C relationship

Dominos and Pizza hut 

Everyone is familiar with the food services offered by these companies to their customers on a phone call. One has to simply ring at their local numbers provided on their portal or apps, the order can be placed directly to the person on call and you will surely get your order delivered at your doorstep in just 30 mins. They have increased their business through their excellent customer interaction service. One can easily connect to the representative of the company and get the order placed. It has to be noted that even in today’s digital time, these companies get more orders through phone rather than online.


CareerGuide is a well-known educational website which connects thousands of parents, career counsellors and students together on a single platform. You can directly communicate with each other through a telephone interface. Any subject or course related queries can be resolved within minutes by simply talking to a career counsellor directly. The company has helped more than 5 Lakh students through their telephonic interface which is instant and trustworthy.

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Snackexpert is an emerging company which makes it simple to buy healthy snacks online. Just visit their website and fill your contact details in the pop-up window. A company representative will call you back at the same number. You can place orders directly to him after having satisfactory communication with him. You can also get assured about your on-time delivery as a result of direct communication. Although a new company yet they can assure great service through their direct customer interaction.

How it benefits the business

Direct business to customer relationship boosts a business in many ways:

  • Generate demand
  • Helps in brand recognition
  • Get instant feedbacks
  • Quality assurance among customers
  • Guarantee sales services
  • Protected from online scams
  • Get accurate information and support
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Aakanksha Aggarwal

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