Entrepreneurs get ready! enTRIPreneur Announces Two Trips for Summer 2017

Ever thought of sitting at riverside camps with a bunch of passionate handpicked folks discussing your next big idea, startup challenges, or just getting the inspiration to take the plunge? Guess what – someone did hear you out. enTRIPreneur, a travel and networking initiative for entrepreneurs & change makers is out with their curated trips for Summer 2017 – Getaway to Jayalgarh (April 6-9th) & Adventures in Viraatkhai (June 9-12th).

The initiative is run by Anuj Agarwal, Jahnvi Sharma, Rachna Ghiya & Swapnil Soni. Starting this venture in June 2016, they have successfully conducted two trips to North & South regions respectively. Their earlier trips received huge number of applications from across the globe and were joined by entrepreneurs and changemakers such as Rahul Narvekar (The India Network), Bharat Sethi (iDecoRama), Ankit Mehrotra (Dineout), Anamika Joshi and Tarun Jangid (Utpatang),  Chetan Soni (Half Baked Beans Publishing), and Amit Deep Kumar (Khanagadi), to name a few.

enTRIPreneur announces summer trip

According to enTRIPreneur’s team, “Any person who has the capacity and the will to bring about a change in his surroundings and revolutionise his field of work is an entrepreneur. Even if you are a part of an organisation where your actions would mean a change on a bigger perspective, then you should travel with us. The application process is currently open for both trips. Being a curated trip, each & every application is thoroughly analysed to make sure that there is a versatile group.”


For April (Apr 6-9), they have planned a getaway from the heat to the peaceful yet adventurous lands of Uttarakhand. Being right next to a river, imagine being able to step down into the water whenever you felt like. It is going to be beautiful. All this is coupled with bunch of adventurous activities such as Rafting, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Trekking, and interaction with local community.

Team THS

Team THS

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