Spotlight – Ankit Oberoi shares his entrepreneurial journey + Rapid Fire

Ankit Oberoi, is the Co-founder of Adpushup, an ad revenue optimization platform for online publishers. From starting his entrepreneurial journey at school to dropping out of college to co-founding Adpushup (his 3rd startup), Ankit has got valuable lessons and a delightful experiences to share.

Adpushup, an adtech company, is a one stop solution for optimizing online ads. Within a couple of months of starting out, they started seeing organic sign-ups without much marketing spend.

In this open and candid interview, Ankit speaks about the lessons he learnt from his first venture to his latest. One of the first lessons he learnt and still holds very dear to his heart is the importance of Customer Development, Cash Flow and Unit Economics. He says,

“Customer development is something that I learnt very early in my life and that has helped me a lot. and If you are working on a  really cutting edge technology, cash flow can sometimes create a distraction. But generally if you really want to build something which gives immediate returns, cash flow and unit economics becomes very important and that is something I have learnt in my first two startups itself.”

He also talked about the importance of staying focused and taking entrepreneurship seriously. When asked about how some founders pursue entrepreneurship as a second job he said,

“There’s already so much to do in a startup. Working on a startup and doing something on the side doesn’t really work out. You may start a project as an MVP on the side, but as soon as you see some opportunity, full-time commitment gets very important. If you yourself don’t have confidence on what you are doing, why will your investors or your team or even your co-founder be confident?”

Ankit co-founded AdPushup with Atul Agarwal. Ankit and Atul have been partners for over a decade. On finding the right partner and on the importance of a strong founding team he said,

“For us, things happened gradually. We were friends at school and shared common passion & interests. While some studies say one-founder companies do well, others find two co-founders’ company doing well. I think co-founding relationship is like a marriage where you need to understand the person really well. and for us, this was quite natural.”

Ankit successfully raised Series A funding in 2016 from a leading Japanese Venture Capital. For more insights from Ankit on his journey starting up, and raising funds listen to the entire interview on Spotlight.

Contributed by: Pratibha Goenka, Ekta Bihani

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Karteek Pulapaka

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