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What is Startup #Spotlight?

Startup Spotlight is a talk show dedicated to bringing focus on the unconventional journey of an entrepreneur. Spotlight brings to the fore the struggles, and successes of an entrepreneur, and celebrates the ups and downs of the underdogs. Featuring interviews and discussions with influencers, enablers, pioneers and up and coming entrepreneurs of this country. For us the startup founders are the undisputed heroes of entrepreneurial ecosystem and we put the spotlight squarely on them.

Hot Seat

We believe there is a lot to learn from successful entrepreneurs. We also believe that there is a lot more to learn from the new age entrepreneurs. Which is why our hot seat is usually occupied by not only key influencers and pioneers but also you, the next generation entrepreneurs.


Karteek Pulapaka

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Your Host

Karteek's passion for entrepreneurship and his fascination with Indian startups brought him back to India after a decade long stay in the US and Europe. An MBA from top 10 global business school, he is a firm believer in the power of untold stories and draws inspiration from uncovering such diamonds in the rough. When he is not working with startups he is usually obsessed with making politics great again.

If you are an entrepreneur and you want to share your story with Karteek, RSVP below and Karteek will call you to know more about you.