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Are you passionate about travelling? Is the cost factor is pulling you down? How would you feel if we told you that you can use one of your skills and travel the world for free? Stay on Skill is a platform that helps people with skills to travel the world and get free homestays, in exchange of helping their host learn a skill they are good at.

How did they come up with the idea behind Stay on Skill?

Arjun Tuli, a serial entrepreneur came up with Stay on Skills when his ex-co-founder discussed with him an idea for ‘a wordpress template for coders who would like to travel and make websites for hostels.’ Arjun pondered on this idea and started doing some ground work on it. After doing a lot of research, Arjun came up with the – ‘what if the traveller can exchange his/her skill for a free homestay?’ The two main takeaways from this idea were: homestay and skill.

The traveller would get a place with homely atmosphere to stay in and the host could learn a new skill from the traveller who’s an expert in that skill. Arjun along with Rajshree, started working on India Tour which could work as their minimum viable product (MVP). This is how Arjun and Rajshree started with Stay on Skill, a startup which equips travelling enthusiasts who have a skill like blogging, coding, dancing, yoga, guitar, foreign languages etc. to use their skill set to travel the world.

India Tour 2017

For India Tour the Stay on Skill team will select 20 skilled people from around the world who want to travel India this summer. Their stay in India will be sponsored by Stay on Skill. The travellers get a free homestay, tips to travel around, meet and interact with locals and experience different cultures. In return the traveller just has to assist his/her host learn the skill he/she wants to learn.

Skill India Campaign

Another unique program Stay on Skill has come up with is Skill India Campaign. In this program they are looking for 20 enthusiastic learners from tourist centric towns of India who have space in their homes and hearts to accommodate a skilled traveller from around the world.

The traveller in return of the family’s hospitality will spend an hour a day to help the host learn the skill he’s been waiting to learn.

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Motivation behind Stay on Skill

Both the co-founders share a common passion for travelling. They started Stay on Skill with the motive of making travel affordable for skilled people. Both the co-founders believe that travelling to new places, interacting with locals, and cultural exchange can teach a person more about life, than a college degree. And, this experience becomes even more beautiful when you stay with a local. It helps in creating a more inclusive society, as well as benefiting the people of the town. And if the skilled traveller, in exchange of the host’s hospitality, teaches him a skill, it becomes all the more empowering.

Competition and Unique Selling Point of Stay on Skill

Couchsurfing is one of their competitors. At Couchsurfing, travellers are basically freeloaders, however at Stay on Skill the hosts get something tangible in return. The host gets to learn a skill of his/her choice, and that too from a professional.

“There are other platforms like Worldpackers and Helpx, but the problem with them is they make travellers stay in hostels, and get them to do menial work – e.g. reception management, cleaning, accounts management that too for 6 hours a day for mostly 6 days a week. Whereas with Stay on Skill, the idea is to help your host learn a skill that you are good at – something that you love doing – and that too for just 1 hour a day”, says Arjun.

Moreover, the traveller gets to stay in a home and not hostels, which provides more of a local taste along with a homely experience.

Stay on Skill is currently bootstrapped. However, after the successful completion of India Tour they are planning to raise seed capital. On their main platform the number of registrations crossed 2000 just by word of mouth. For India Tour, they’ve stopped the entries at 300, from which they will be short-listing about 20 highly skilled travellers. For Skill India Campaign, the entries are still open. They already have 100 hosts. They are looking for more enthusiastic learners, who want to learn a skill of their choice for free.

Thus, if you want to learn a new skill set for free Stay on Skill is the place for you. Or if your heart lies in travelling but the expenses aren’t allowing you to follow your dreams, visit Stay on Skill and use your skill to travel the world for free.

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