startup accelerators in Bangalore

Accelerators are playing an important role in the startup community. They support early-stage, growth-driven companies through education, mentorship and financing. Enlisted below are the top 20 accelerators in Bangalore.

1. TLabs

Key Person: Abhishek Gupta

Funding: INR 30 lacs for 8% of equity (net – INR 27 lacs).

TLabs is an accelerator as well as an early stage seed-fund for Indian Internet and mobile technology startups. The accelerator program at TLabs is spread over 16 weeks.

What do they provide?

  • They provide startups with an in-house team that provides support through weekly catch-ups across different verticals of the business.
  • Also startups receive access to over 100+ experts who are mentors of the program and who guide them on specific issues.
  • Regular engagement with early stage VCs and angels through multiple sessions and finally demo months.
  • Access to a network of like-minded peers allowing for an ecosystem where startups get to learn from each other and work together
  • They hold regular conferences and summits to encourage and help entrepreneurs.

Portfolio Startups: Inshorts, Yippster, flynx, etc.


2. Kyron Global Accelerator

Key Person: Lalit Ahuja

Funding: It offers upto $30,000 in funding in return for 6-10% equity stake, in addition to providing CXO Services.

Kyron is a next generation global accelerator for early stage technology startups. It has several acceleration programs as mentioned below.

LEAP (Leading Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program)

It is an initiative to engage Indian startups in areas including big data, mobility, supply chain, marketing, omni-channel and security. It’s an eight week program sponsored by MAST Globa. The accelerator program includes working with CIO as well as leadership teams from MAST Global, coaching on pitch sessions, along with a demo day with brand leaders and top investors.

Swiss Re InsurTech Accelerator

It’s a 20-week intensive programme to help startups with the potential of disrupting insurance practices.

What do they provide?

  • They provide startups with access to global expertise, mentoring from global leaders and insights from Swiss Re team.
  • Engagement with global reinsurance leader
  • 3+1 month of office space
  • Invitation to participate in industry related events
  • State of art facility located in Bangalore

3. Ansrsource Accelerator Program

This is a 16-week intensive program that began in September 2016. This program discovers enhanced learning technologies that can facilitate effective authoring, design and delivery of learning products.

What do they provide?

  • They provide startups with access to global expertise and insights from ansrsource team, strong mentoring support from global leaders.
  • At the end of 16 weeks, selected startups get an opportunity to present their achievements and technology to the ansrsource team, potential investors and a panel of judges.
  • 3+1 month of office space
  • State of art facility located in Bangalore

Portfolio Startups: Adwyze, Cloud Cherry, Thinqbot, Innovaccer, etc.


4. Microsoft Accelerator

Key Person: Bala Girisaballa

Funding: $2.3 million post program average funding

They have several programs like Accelerator Plus and Scale Up that are designed to get seed- and series-funded startups the growth and traction they need to be successful in the future.

What do they provide?

  • They have a 150+ mentor network and associations with notable organizations, and offer entrepreneurs a platform to accelerate their startups and take them to the next level.
  • They provide world-class mentorship and expertise, technology and infrastructure support, and access to investors and customers so every startup can scale from idea to execution at an accelerated speed.

Portfolio Startups: AdPushup, Explara, Cloud Cherry, etc.


5. Target Accelerator

Key Person: Navneet Kapoor

Funding:  They provide startups with an opportunity to pitch to Target, and other potential investors at the end of the program. Funding may also be provided by Target.

What  do they provide?

  • They provide mentorship from Target leaders, top entrepreneurs, investors, academicians and global experts in technology and design.
  • Co-location space at Target India Bangalore office with infrastructure such as high speed internet, business hour IT support, cafeteria and transportation services.
  • Thought leadership for all selected companies in enterprise business areas including Finance, Legal, HR, Marketing and IT Services.

Portfolio Startups: muHive, Unbxd, Visarity, etc.


6. Cisco LaunchPad Accelerator

Key Person: Amit Phadnis

Funding: Get a grant of US$8000 upon graduation. Up to US$200 per month is available to support the IT needs of startups.

What do they provide?

  • The internal Cisco mentors (Principal/Distinguished Engineers, Product Management, Sales) and external experts offer industry and subject matter expertise and guidance.
  • Startups gain access to Cisco customer and partner facing events and to select customers/partners for proofs-of-concept or demos on a case-by-case basis.
  • Startups can develop valuable networks by interacting with the angel investor and venture capital community.
  • Startups also have access to industry-leading Cisco technology platforms in Networking, Security, Cloud, IoT, and Collaboration worth US $1M.

Portfolio Startups: appknox, pickcel, IQlect, etc.


7. Axilor Accelerator

Key Person: S D Shibulal

Funding: Most startups get funded at the successful completion of the program.

What do they provide?

  • Differentiated partner benefits from AWS, Google, Microsoft and Facebook accruing upto over $200K in worth.
  • Startups get access to special tools for market validation, prototyping and testing.
  • Startups get free membership of Tracxn database to help develop their network.

Portfolio Startups: Adya, Detect, Extraedge, etc.


8. Revvx Accelerator

Key Person: Avinash Kaushik

Revvx is India’s first accelerator focussed on supporting Hardware Startups through Prototyping and Manufacturing of innovative consumer electronics and connected Devices.

What do they provide?

  • Revvx works with major silicon companies along with global design studios, Maker Labs, component suppliers, EMS companies and OEMs across India, China and Taiwan to support startups in building disruptive consumer products.
  • They provide access vendors for rapid prototyping and access to industry experts and mentors and help in engaging with leading design firms.
  • DFM Review. BOM Analysis and Optimization

Portfolio Startups: SeeHow, The Things Cloud, Fragging Monk, etc.


9. Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator

Key Person: Sanket Atal

Funding: Ongoing interactions and sessions with the investor community have been designed to give startups the right platform for growth.

What do they provide?

  • Free credits on Oracle Cloud
  • World-class mentoring and advising
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Coworking space
  • Access to Oracle customers and partners
  • Access to investors

Portfolio Startups: Niyo, ezeDox, etc.


10. NUMA

Key Person: Souad Tenfiche

Funding: €2500 bootstrapping cash and 700K€ worth of Perks from 70+ partners also equivalent of €22,000 in advantages such as in-house resources, infrastructure, etc.

What do they provide?

  • A 5-month intensive residential program in their premises with additional 2 months free office space, designed to foster efficiency and collaboration.
  • Access to NUMA’s corporate network.
  • Their Entrepreneur in Residence will help startups in building their business strategy and connections.
  • Weekly Meetings with Mentors, Experts and Entrepreneurs dedicated to your success.

Portfolio Startups: FullonWedding, Flippar, etc.


11. IDEX Accelerator

Key Person: Bhavna Mathur

Funding: Non-profit

What they provide?

  • It’s centred around hands-on experience, group and one-on-one mentoring from industry professionals.
  • Specialized training workshops, and a curated curriculum to help people get closer to fulfilling the career they desire.
  • Aspiring social intrapreneurs get the training, support and experience they need.

Alumni: Shantanu Paul, Manju Menon, etc.


12. Appy Hours

Appy Hours is India’s only product partnership accelerator. They work along with the startup to build the product and also help the stratup in launching the product.

Key Persons: Visakh Viswambharan, Sunil P Thomas and Rigin Velayudhan

What do they provide?

  • Advisor level resources including tech architects, branding gurus, etc.
  • Key resources – UX Experts, developers (web, mobile products)
  • Fringe resources – marketing, QA, analysts, etc.

Portfolio Statups: Trizzio


13. Brand Capital GSV

Key Person: Vish Sathappan

Funding: They invest media marketing budget into the startup. The media cash helps in promoting the startup across Times Group properties. Apart from this their program prepares the startup for external funding.

What do they provide?

  • Startups undergo an intensive program of 15 weeks in Bangalore, Gurgaon and Silicon Valley.
  • Startups get a dedicated mentor throughout the program who remains heavily involved in the development process of the startup.
  • Brand Capital organizes community programs and though leadership events throughout the acceleration program and startups can develop valuable networks through these programs.
  • A workspace for upto three team members and common office facilities.
  • Access to the deep expertise, networks and a bouquet of free softwares and services.

Portfolio Startups: FinUp, Enytime, GeeksDemy, MindIQ, Zaprest, etc.

Contact: Details.

14. Brigade Real Estate Accelerator Program (REAP)

Brigade (REAP) aims to help Innovators and Inventors utilise technology to create sustainable and scalable businesses in the Real Estate industry which they consider is a sector ripe for disruption.

Key Person: Nirupa Shankar

Funding: The program will help startups develop an in-depth investor pitch and business plan along with opportunity to present to investors from across the country.

What do they provide?

  • The 4 month structured program has been developed over the period of working with Startups, Investors, corporate, academia and domain experts with a focus on helping young companies scale.
  • A self-contained workspace with facilities and amenities to help startups focus on their core business.
  • Industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs mentor the startups.
  • Access to customers.

Portfolio Startups: QwikSpec, SnapTrude, Air Zaar, Constapark, etc.


15. GSF India

GSF India’s Global Accelerator Program began in June 2014 with 11 startups that were selected from a pool of more than 500 applications from across the world.

Key Person: Rajesh Sawhney

Funding: It invests $50k at 7-8% equity into the startups inducted into the Accelerator program. It also does follow-on rounds into a few selected startups after the program.

What do they provide?

  • Selected startups typically spend two months in India to refine their products, followed by trips to San Francisco and Tokyo for an immersion in global tech ecosystem and meeting with leading tech investors.
  • World class platform for emerging world tech startups to deeply immerse in global tech hubs of the world
  • Connect entrepreneurs to peers, mentors and potential long-term advisors to the company
  • Build partnerships and business relationships to launch products in their target markets
  • Connect with local venture funds and Angel Investors to raise funds

Portfolio Startups: Little Eye Labs, SilverPush, Pokkt, Zapr, HackerEarth, etc.


17. Catalyst – SG GSC Accelerator

Key Person: Veronique Sani

What do they provide?

  • SG GSC’s Catalyst program had two unique aspects – guidance and mentorship from subject matter experts.
  • The ability for startups to test, enhance and scale their product or existing solution against real business scenarios using our infrastructure in-house.

Portfolio Startups: Agora Analytics, Datum Informatics, FixNix Inc., GAVS Technologies, Lithasa Technologies (, etc.

Contact: phone: +91-80-6731 5000

18. Lowe’s Innovation Lab

Lowe’s Innovation Lab Collider is designed to help both startups and Lowe’s derive greater value by quickly identifying opportunities for uncommon partnerships.

Key Person: Kyle Nel

What do they provide?

  • Selected startups benefit from access to Lowe’s senior management
  • Also they benefit from targeted guidance on developing real-world solutions: workshops and closed group networking with experienced mentors and industry leaders
  • Access to a wide investor and corporate network through Lowe’s partners.

Portfolio Startups: Dimension NXG, Carbon Conitnuum, Graviky Labs, Time Flex, etc.


19. Quintype’s Speakwrite

Key Person: Amit Rathore

Funding: It’s a virtual accelerator that invests in promising digital media startups.

In exchange for investing SpeakWrite/Quintype resources in selected startups, Quintype takes an equity stake in respective startups. The exact amount depends on several factors: the stage of the startup, the amount of funding raised, the complexity of the initial site/apps, the business plan etc.

What do they provide?

  • design expertise and services to design site/apps
  • implementation expertise and services to develop/test/iterate on site/apps
  • launch to market
  • 1000 hours of professional services (design/development) over 12 months
  • introductions to relevant industry partners, advisors, and investors
  • access to geographies: SpeakWrite is based both in the United States, as well as in Asia
  • ongoing mentorship.

Contact:, phone- 8892718001

19. SAP Startup Studio

Key Person: Dilipkumar Khandelwal

Funding: Possible investment opportunity by MobME

What do they provide?

  • Access to portfolio of partner APIs and resources
  • Mentorship by a team of industry experts
  • Integration with and access to Startup Village ecosystem
  • Introduction to VCs and angel investors
  • Lifelong membership in our alumni programme
  • Classroom sessions by MobME leadership team
  • Priority product sale to studio partners

Portfolio Startups:, CloudKare, Moglix


20. Thought Factory

Funding: They don’t take any equity or give cash grants. However, if the product spans out well in the 3 month period then they become strategic partners/first customers for these startups. They help in scaling startups and doing a mass roll out of the product. The place is visited by investors and the program concludes with an Investors Demo Day.

What do they provide?

  • Mentorship
  • Collaborative office space
  • Networking
  • Dev tools startups get geared with the best available tools
  • Startups get to meet potential investors

Portfolio Startups: Fintech Labs, Paymatrix, Perpule 1Pay, etc.


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